List of B2B Websites made by Web Design Companies

Everything Design agency, the best web design company have put together a list of the best b2b website examples so you can learn from them.

Best B2B Home Page Examples
A homepage should be compelling visual storytelling, capturing visitors' attention immediately.
the website for a business growth company
Gong's Homepage
Built on wordpress

Visual Product Explanation: Gong's homepage excels in visually explaining the product, particularly noted in the second section of the page which features the "understand with AI" graphic. This element effectively demonstrates the product's capabilities and how it leverages AI to provide insights, making it easier for visitors to grasp the value Gong offers.

Minimal Navigation: As visitors scroll down the page, Gong utilizes minimal navigation to guide them towards key actions: booking a demo or requesting pricing. This streamlined approach simplifies the user journey, focusing on driving conversions by leading potential customers to engage more directly with the company.These aspects are highlighted to showcase how Gong's website design effectively communicates its product's value and encourages user engagement, serving as an exemplary case in the B2B space.

B2B Web Design and Webflow Development
Atomic Work

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B2B Web Design and Webflow Development

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B2B Web Design and Webflow Development

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B2B Web Design and Webflow Development

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