Website examples with Interactive Demos

An interactive demo is a self-guided walkthrough of a software that gives prospects a hands-on experience of the product. Here is a list of websites with interactive demos.

Updated on
January 18, 2024

Interactive demos provide a personalized, immersive experience and help to prove your product’s value faster.

There is a strategic shift in how businesses can leverage technology to enhance user engagement, improve conversion rates, and gain valuable insights. Here's a deeper look at each benefit and its impact of interactive demos.

1. Engagement

  • Active Participation: Interactive demos require users to take actions, making the experience more engaging and memorable. This active participation helps in better understanding and retention of the product's features and benefits compared to passive viewing.
  • Reduced Drop-off Rates: By necessitating engagement to proceed, interactive demos can significantly reduce drop-off rates, ensuring users receive a comprehensive understanding of the product.

2. Conversion

  • Embedded CTAs: By integrating calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the demo, you seamlessly guide users towards conversion without breaking the engagement. This integration makes the transition from interest to action more natural and less intrusive.
  • Tailored Experiences: Interactive demos can adapt to user responses, allowing for personalized paths that align with specific user interests or needs, potentially increasing conversion rates.

3. Insights

  • Detailed User Behavior Data: Every interaction within the demo provides valuable data, offering insights into user preferences, questions, and points of friction. This data is crucial for understanding what features attract the most attention and where users encounter difficulties.
  • Informed Decisions: The insights gained can inform not only marketing strategies—such as refining messaging and targeting—but also product development, by highlighting areas for improvement or expansion.

4. Cost-Effective Updates

  • Ease of Updating: Unlike videos, interactive demos can be updated or modified with less effort and cost. When the product evolves, updating specific screens or steps in the demo is more manageable than producing new videos from scratch.
  • Always Up-to-Date: This flexibility ensures that the demo remains an accurate reflection of the product, enhancing credibility and user trust.

5. Powerful Call-to-Action: "See it in Action"

  • Demonstrating Value: The CTA to "see it in action" is compelling because it promises firsthand experience with the product. This promise can be more persuasive than any description, appealing to users' desire for evidence of value and capability.
  • Immediate Gratification: Users get to experience the product's benefits directly, satisfying the need for immediate gratification and helping to solidify their interest and intent to purchase.

Interactive demos represent a significant advancement in digital marketing tools for SaaS products, providing a dynamic and effective way to engage users, drive conversions, and gather actionable insights. They address many of the limitations of traditional marketing content, such as videos, by offering a more immersive, informative, and adaptable user experience. The benefits of interactive demos extend beyond initial expectations, impacting various aspects of business strategy and customer engagement.

List of Websites with Interactive Demos


Experience Entropik’s Eye Tracking

Experience Entropik’s Eye Tracking

Experience Entropik’s Facial Coding

Experience Entropik’s Facial Coding


Start the self-guided tour and see the magic of Gong in action!

Plek employee app

Plek employee app tour

Unlock critical insights on companies, topics, and industries across an extensive universe of content—including your own.

HRSoft Short Tour


Interactive demo of Fulcrum

Diligence Vault

Interactive product tours


Discover how Maximizer helps customers monitor and coach their sales team, using leading indicators to drive sales performance.


Take a guided tour of Ironclad's AI-powered contract review


Interactive demo link

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