Our Manifesto

  • Let’s respect and like one another and we’ll all finish with something we’re all proud of.
  • Our prices are fixed, as we believe they are reasonable for the value we provide. We aim for quality and ask that budget constraints don't lead to compromises that could affect the project's outcome. We're committed to creating something that makes us all proud.
  • Projects with momentum are the most successful. Lengthy projects can lose focus and overlap with others, impacting overall quality. To maintain momentum, please ensure readiness for a swift and efficient process. Extended projects may require budget revisions to align resources properly. Full payment is required for project handover.
  • We offer a set number of client revisions within reason. Beyond this limit, additional time will be charged. We aim to avoid endless revisions over minor details, focusing instead on substantial progress.
  • Timely payments facilitate a smoother process, allowing us to go the extra mile for you. Prompt payments help maintain a positive working relationship, free from unnecessary complications.
  • Confidentiality of shared information is a mutual expectation. We ensure your information is secure and expect the same in return.
  • Efficient meetings are our preference to ensure time is well-spent and productive for both parties.
  • While we undertake each project with care and dedication, we hold no liability for the impact of our work on your business. Positive outcomes are yours to celebrate, while any negative repercussions remain your responsibility.
  • Our design team may propose concepts that can be complex in development. In some cases, this may require additional budgeting or, due to practical constraints, alternative solutions. We're committed to finding the best possible path for each project.