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If you’re looking for a webflow website that is simple but effective, this is it. This website is designed by one of the best web development company called Everything Design.

What makes this website design effective for this B2B brand?

In this website the navigation is very user centric. It includes everything a potential customer needs to know — products, faqs, contact and company information.

However, the platform does seem to not have a self-serve option. So if someone is serious about getting Ximkart's service, they will need to use the contact form on the website.

Botim Website

Botim becomes MEA's first “Ultra app”. UAE-based Astra Tech has launched the Botim 3.0 ultra app that aims to become an all-inclusive digital platform for fintech, GPT, and ecommerce.

B2B Website Design and Development done by Everything Design Agency Bangalore
Funding: $2.4M

Matrix Partners India, Better Capital, Multiply Ventures and Citius

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