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Everything Design, a leading B2B web development company in Bangalore, has been revolutionizing the digital landscape with its cutting-edge Webflow development and design solutions, catering to a diverse range of industries and businesses.

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December 5, 2023

At Everything Design, we specialize in creating conversion rate optimization (CRO) focused b2b websites. Our goal is to craft exceptional web designs with seamless user experience that engage audiences and effectively communicate your brand's story.

Everything Design (website design company bangalore), have a team of website designers specializing in webflow website development for high-growth B2B businesses, offers a range of services focused on accelerating business growth through expert web design, Webflow development, and branding. Our core web design services include web design to maximize conversion, webflow development for scalable web solutions, and crafting memorable design solutions with innovative design. We offer transparent pricing with specific web development services and retainers tailored to different web designing business needs and web solutions. Everything Design, best web design company showcases our client projects and emphasizes our expertise in B2B design, highlighting our success in creating performant sites that are SEO and CRO optimized and our proficiency in using Webflow for maintaining and scaling B2B brand websites. We encourages potential clients to collaborate and emphasizes their commitment to taking B2B brands to the next level with design solutions​.

What are the key elements which can help your B2B website stand out and help in conversion?

Interactive Demos

Interactive demos will help your website

  • Create the most buyer-friendly sales process to close more deals faster.
  • Stand out from the competition by creating custom experiences for all buyers.
  • Embrace automation to build a product demo experience without any hassle.

B2B marketing is now about showcasing expertise and building trust before the first call with sales reps.

Products which can help you achieve interactive demos are,,,

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos on website can grab visitors attention. The average explainer video is watched on average for about 2.7 minutes, compared with 28% of website text shown to be read on average.

Lottie Animations

The size and usability make Lottie far easier to work with than GIF and SVG, helping web designers incorporate motion graphics into their web designs without increasing page load speeds.

Mastering Web Design for B2B Brands: Strategies for Success

In today's digital-first world, the website of a B2B brand is not just a digital brochure, but a vital platform for business growth, brand storytelling, and customer engagement. Mastering web design for B2B brands involves a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the B2B landscape. This blog explores key strategies for creating effective B2B websites that resonate with professional audiences and drive business objectives.

Understanding Your Audience:Before diving into design elements, it's crucial to understand the audience. B2B websites must cater to the needs, preferences, and pain points of business decision-makers. Unlike B2C, B2B decision-making is more rational and driven by the value proposition, ROI, and long-term benefits. Therefore, the website design should focus on clarity, professionalism, and detailed information about products and services.

Key Elements of B2B Web Design:

  1. Clear Messaging and Value Proposition:B2B websites must communicate their value proposition succinctly. It's important to address the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘for whom’ right on the homepage. Clear messaging builds credibility and aids in quick decision-making.
  2. Strong Visual Branding:Aesthetics play a key role in brand perception. Strong visual branding, consistent color schemes, and professional imagery reflect the brand’s personality and ethos, helping to establish trust and recognition.
  3. User-Friendly Navigation:A B2B website should have intuitive navigation to guide visitors through the buying journey effortlessly. This includes well-organized menus, clear calls-to-action (CTAs), and a logical flow of information.
  4. Content That Sells Transformation:B2B buyers are interested in how a product or service can transform their business. The website should articulate this transformation through case studies, testimonials, and demonstrable ROI.
  5. Optimized for Conversions:Every element on the B2B website should be optimized for conversions. This includes persuasive CTAs, lead capture forms, and easy access to contact information.
  6. Mobile Responsiveness:With an increasing number of business professionals accessing information on-the-go, mobile responsiveness is non-negotiable for B2B websites.
  7. SEO and Content Strategy:A robust SEO and content strategy ensure the website attracts the right audience. This involves keyword research, high-quality content, and a focus on topics relevant to the target audience.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls: While designing a B2B website, it's crucial to avoid common pitfalls such as overloading the website with jargon, neglecting the brand’s visual identity, or focusing solely on product features rather than benefits.

Case Studies and Social Proof: Incorporating case studies and social proof on the website can significantly influence the decision-making process. Testimonials, customer stories, and data-driven results build credibility and demonstrate the effectiveness of your solutions.

Continual Optimization: Web design for B2B brands is not a one-time task but a continuous process. Regularly analyzing user behavior, updating content, and staying abreast of design trends are essential for keeping the website relevant and effective. Web design is no longer just about creating visually appealing pages. Instead, it's about crafting experiences that resonate, engage, and inspire.

A well-designed B2B website is a powerful tool in a company’s marketing arsenal. It requires a strategic approach that aligns with the unique needs of B2B buyers. By focusing on clear messaging, user experience, strong branding, and continual optimization, B2B brands can create websites that not only attract but also engage and convert their ideal customers.

The Everything Design Advantage

  • On-brand Web Design for seamless user experience:

Our designs amplify your brand and resonate with your audience. We focus on telling impactful stories through our B2B website designs, ensuring they foster conversions tailored to your specific audience.

As experts in B2B storytelling, we build websites that are not only visually appealing but also strategically crafted to appeal to your brand's B2B buyers. This approach helps in crafting a narrative flow that enhances conversion rates. We also do website audits, which helps us to learn best practises, and keep ourselves updates.

  • CRO-Focused Design:

Our designs prioritize the user, ensuring the highest possible conversion rates. We employ tactics specifically designed for B2B users, resulting in highly effective websites.

Our B2B Website Design Services:

  • Information Architecture (IA): Collaboratively planning and structuring websites to best tell your brand story.
  • Wireframing: Setting the foundation of the website with user-centric wireframes.
  • High-fidelity Design & Animation: Creating detailed, brand-focused design mockups using tools like Figma, even illustrations on b2b website design
  • Custom Website Imagery: Designing unique and powerful brand imagery to set your website apart.

The Everything Design B2B Website Design Process:

  1. Discovery and Audit: Understanding your business, prospects, and evaluating your current website.
  2. Sitemap and Information Architecture: Planning the website structure to ensure it effectively tells your brand's story.
  3. Wireframing: Developing the layout and story for each page or template.
  4. Copywriting: Bringing your brand to life with expert storytelling and language.
  5. Finalized B2B Website Design: Crafting high-fidelity page designs with custom imagery that reflects your brand's essence.

Why Choose Everything Design - website design company bangalore?

We worked with Ximkart for their website communication and they were able to bring down the b2b sales cycle drastically because of the website design of this b2b website was on point.

  • Client-First Approach: Your goals are our top priority in every project.
  • User-Centric Design: We focus on creating exceptional user experiences.
  • Result-Driven: Our designs are crafted to meet your business objectives.
  • Integrated Collaboration: We work as an extension of your team, ensuring seamless integration with your internal processes.

B2B Web Design Projects Highlights:

  1. InsurTech Company: Everything Design's pioneering web design project on the Webflow platform for an InsurTech company combined expert SEO, strategy, and UI/UX design, using Lottie animations for product feature communication​​.
  2. Logistics Brand - Ximkart: We developed a visually striking website and offered our web designing services for a logistics brand, focusing on effective copywriting to communicate the brand’s value proposition and key differentiators​​.
  3. Cyber Security Firm: Website designers expertise extended to the cyber security sector, offering comprehensive website design and Webflow development services​​.
  4. EdTech Brand: Collaboration with OneLern led to a visually rich website, incorporating extensive research, visual design, and interactive elements like illustrations and animations​​.
  5. Engineering Company: For TurboTech, a turbine manufacturer, Everything Design crafted a standout website with unique navigation and industry showcase, differing from typical engineering company websites​​.
  6. LawTech Brand: Our approach to web development and responsive web design for legacy companies, like a LawTech brand, involved detailed research, strategic layout, and tailored information architecture​​.
  7. Sports Management Firm: Working with a sports management company, we created a visually distinct website characterized by gradients and imagery, showcasing their versatility in design​​.
  8. Home Care Facility: The collaboration with a U.S. based home care brand and another web design agency for web designing featured unique line animations, highlighting Everything Design's ability to work in tandem with other teams​​.
  9. B2B SaaS Brand: Our foray into the cybersecurity sector marked a milestone, showcasing their adaptability and capability in diverse industries to build websites​​.
  10. Management Consulting Company: A German consulting firm benefited from their expertise with a straightforward yet precisely communicated website design​​.
  11. Report Design: Our work on report design in Webflow received client acclaim, adding another feather to our website development services cap​​. We are website designers and website developers who understand b2b websites.

Navigating the Digital Landscape: Key Strategies for B2B Website Excellence

In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, a website stands as a critical component of a business's digital strategy. Far from being just an online presence and responsive web design, a B2B website acts as a pivotal touchpoint for brand storytelling, lead generation, and customer conversion. This comprehensive guide draws on industry expertise to unveil essential strategies for crafting effective B2B websites that resonate with a professional audience and drive business growth.

Understanding Your B2B Audience:

The foundation of an effective B2B website lies in a deep understanding of the target audience. B2B buyers are motivated by factors such as ROI, efficiency, and strategic gains. Hence, a B2B website must communicate directly to these needs. By employing strategies like targeted subpages, businesses can address diverse segments within their audience, as demonstrated by platforms like Bonsai and

Crafting a Strong Value Proposition:

A compelling value proposition sets a business apart in a crowded market. Conduct thorough market research to identify and articulate what makes your business unique. Websites like exemplify this by not only stating their unique value but also providing interactive experiences for users to grasp this value firsthand.

Site Structure and Navigation:

Ease of navigation is essential for a positive user experience. A B2B website should have a straightforward, intuitive interface, enabling users to find information quickly and effortlessly. Clean and efficient navigation, as seen on sites like Evernote, can significantly enhance user engagement and contribute to SEO efforts.

Effective Calls to Action (CTAs):

CTAs are the signposts that guide users through the journey on your website. They should be clear, compelling, and strategically placed to lead visitors towards desired actions, as skillfully implemented by companies like PandaDoc.

Building Trust and Credibility:

In the b2b web design sphere, establishing trust is paramount. This can be achieved through elements like personal videos, client testimonials, and case studies. A website that integrates these elements, like Webflow, can effectively build a connection with its audience.

Presenting Products and Services:

Showcase your products or services in a way that highlights their transformative impact on the client’s business. Utilize high-quality visuals and interactive elements to demonstrate value, as done by Surfer SEO.

Utilizing High-Quality Graphics:

Graphics and visual elements not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also aid in conveying complex information. They should be of high quality and resonate with your target audience, as seen on platforms like Kajabi.

Additional Design Elements:

A cohesive visual style with consistent branding elements like colors, themes, and fonts is crucial. Websites like Gusto demonstrate how effectively this can be achieved, ensuring brand coherence and recognition.

Quality Content for Engagement and SEO:

Content is a driving force in engaging your audience and improving SEO. A content strategy that addresses the interests and challenges of your audience can generate organic traffic and establish thought leadership. For example, Wave's blog targets new business owners with relevant, search-optimized content.

Speed and Device Compatibility:

A fast-loading, mobile-friendly website is non-negotiable in today’s digital landscape. Companies like SAP exemplify the importance of optimizing websites for various devices, enhancing user experience and search rankings.

Designing a B2B website requires a strategic approach that balances user-centric design, impactful content, and technical robustness. By focusing on these key strategies, businesses can create websites that not only attract but also engage and convert their target audience, ultimately driving success in the B2B digital space.

How to measure ROI of b2b website?

The concept of "Website ROI" is often perceived as a straightforward metric, but it's actually not a simple, precise number due to several complexities:

Calculating ROI: The common method to calculate Website ROI involves linking the investment in the website (development, maintenance, content creation, etc.) with revenue generation or lead conversion. However, this calculation is fraught with challenges:

  1. Issue 1: The impact of the website or design services on future revenue is often not immediately apparent.
  2. Issue 2: Contributions of past investments in the website to current revenue are hard to quantify.
  3. Issue 3: It’s difficult to determine what portion of total revenue can be attributed directly to the website (the "incrementality" problem).

These challenges can result in both overestimation and underestimation of the Website ROI.

Measuring Impact and Incrementality: Accurately determining the specific impact of the website on current and future revenue is challenging. It involves understanding:

  • The influence of past website enhancements on current performance.
  • The proportion of current investment affecting immediate versus long-term results.
  • The fraction of revenue directly attributable to the website, separating it from other marketing channels.

Without a clear understanding of these factors, Website ROI calculations can be misleading.

Interpretation of ROI Value: A higher Website ROI doesn't always equate to better performance for the business. For example, a low-cost website redesign might show high ROI due to minimal investment, but it may not effectively support the business's long-term goals or brand strategy.

Reliability of the Metric: Just like with Marketing ROI, if Website ROI doesn't consistently indicate the effectiveness of the website in terms of business growth or customer engagement, its usefulness becomes questionable. If the ROI metric gives inconsistent insights into the actual performance or value of the website, it may not be a reliable tool for decision-making.

In summary, while Website ROI is a conceptually appealing metric, its practical calculation and interpretation are fraught with complexities. It’s essential to consider these limitations and focus on a more holistic evaluation of the website's performance, including user engagement, conversion rates, and alignment with broader business objectives. If Website ROI doesn't consistently provide accurate insights into the website's effectiveness and its contribution to business goals, it may not be the most reliable tool for measuring success.

B2B Web Development Company in Bangalore

i3system Website Design - Home Page

B2B Web Development - Webflow Development for InsurTech Company (B2B)

One of our first web development in Webflow platform with content management system. Our team of webflow experts, SEO experts, website strategists, visual designers and UI/UX designers came together to make this web development project a successful one. We used Lottie animations to communicate about the product features. Other services we offerered for i3systems was brand identity and design services for print collaterals.

Website Development for Logistics Brand

Webflow Development for Logistics B2B Brand

The most recent web development done for an raw material importing brand in Webflow with search engine optimization. With effective copywriting we ensured the brand’s value proposition, key differentiators and brand principles and cleared communicated in the website. Visual design was given importance to make sure the website gives a good impression for the visitor. One of those brands where digital marketing wasn't the GTM strategy.

Web Develpment Cyber Security

Website Design and Webflow Development for Cyber Security Firm

Website Design and Webflow Development

Website Development for EdTech Brand

Webflow Development - EdTech Brand (B2B)

Working with OneLern we were able to bring alive the brand with a lot of visuals and illustrations. We thoroughly studied the brand, the eco system, competition and benchmarks. The next step was a website strategy workshop with the key stakeholders. With the insights we did the visual design after we put together the styles cape. Illustrations, interactions and animations added a lot of value to this website communication.

Webflow Website Design - TurboTech Bangalore

Webflow Development for Engineering Company (B2B)

Engineering companies usually have very basic website with simple layout. TurboTech – Turbine Manufacturer from Bangalore assigned us to build a website which will make the brand stand out in the competition with a complete different approach. The navigation and industry showcase was very carefully crafted. In the B2B marketing landscape, when buyers reach a high-intent stage, they scrutinize the experience and credibility of a vendor and its team, that is why a great about us page on the website is important.

Website Design Bangalore Progcap

Web Design and Web Development for Progcap (B2B)

A great website can attract better talent. And that is exactly what we achieved with the web development we did for Progcap. We did Lottie animations which explained the brand – fintech partner India turns to for progress.

Home Page Website Design Manupatra

B2B Web Design and Web Development for LawTech Brand

Web development for legacy companies is different from web development for startups. After the research and website strategy we did the layout and the information architecture for the new website. The information will define positioning of messaging. The navigation, what goes on the menu, how many levels of navigation is required and what goes on each page – That’s the approach Everything Design takes for all B2B websites. Each one built with a certain different type of outcome.

Webflow Development SAAS Product Rapidfort

Webflow Development for B2B SaaS Brand

Web development for a Cybersecurity client. This is our first web development in this industry. Current we are doing our second project in cyber security sector.

HK Management Partner - Webflow Development

Webflow Development - Management Consulting Company

Consulting firm from Germany asked us to do their Website developed via a Bangalore based web design agency. Very simple and straight forward layout and design – yet precise about the communication.

Logo and Brand Design for Sports Brand

Webflow Development - Sports Management Company

This was a first time we got the opportunity to work with a Sports Management Firm. The visual design was beautifully crafted and that became the differentiating factor for the website. The use of gradients and imagery gave the website its character.

Webflow Development of Website for Homecare Brand

Webflow Development for Home Care Facility

Attending Home Care a US based brand. We worked with another agency to bring this website live. The line animation is an interesting element on this website.

Webflow Development for Report Design.jpg

Report Design - Webflow Development

A report design we developed where the client loved the work.

Testimonial Web Development Bangalore Client

b2b website design for entropik
Web Design and Web Development for Entropik: WordPress Migration

Review about Everything Design's Web Development

We are the best website design agency in Bangalore or perhaps the best website design company in India.

What do we mean when we say that?

Well we may not be the best, but we definitely are ONE of the best. We are also a webflow professional partner. In this article we will be taking you through our approach to a website design and website development project.

Table of Contents

Why do companies need a website?

Companies need websites for the following reason.

  • Website with content management system will help you communicate to a potential customer, what the company does, how the product/service works, but most importantly what is in it for the customer and how to achieve it.A website communicates with potential customers, investors, early adopters, potential employees etc. And based on what stage you are as an organization and who it is you are talking to, the website strategy and communication will change. For example Coca Cola needs a website for a  reason and Apple needs a website for a different reason. Identifying who is your target audience and what it is they are looking for from you will help to design the communication. Based on the requirements companies even create microsites to communicate different things.
  • Websites build social proof for your brand.Your product or service may be rated 5 stars on Amazon or Yelp, but people will want to see your website to get more information about your brand.Before making a purchase online, 87% of people conduct online research. People that are considering buying a product from you will likely end up on your website! Since prospective buyers are already looking for you online, including customer testimonials on your site is a great way to impress potential buyers and provide social proof.Build a website that showcases your company culture to attract better talent.
  • Websites can embed microsites to leverage on Marketing and niche SEO.A microsite is an individual web page or small cluster of web pages that act as a separate entity for a brand. A microsite typically lives on its own domain, but some exist as a subdomain. While, it’s not recommended to use them solely for SEO. A well-thought out microsite can act as a great SEO strategy – without compromising the low-quality and need of the microsite.When should one use microsites?Microsites help when you want to show one key feature or offer of a product and sell.
  1. Launching a new product
  2. Generating targeted leads
  3. Targeting market by geography
  4. Standing out from the corporate brand
  5. Promoting events
  6. SEO for niche keywords
  • Finally a website should answer “Why should someone care?” and “Why should someone trust you?”👆 The most important question your website must answer for your target audience. Data, graphics, startling facts and lovely stories, animations are great, as long as they help answer those two questions. Websites are the backbone of many businesses. Trust is one of the key factors in a successful company. And websites should build trust. Website communication should give confidence to the visitor.Also, Website should be a marketing tool, not an engineering nightmare.

What are the steps involved in website design and website development?

There are many steps involved in doing a website design and website development project. Not all of them are sequential as well. Once we identify the sitemap, functionalities and if there are any reference websites  it will help to estimate the project.


The initial stage is all about understanding how a website can support this business. Who is visiting the website primarily and for what purpose?

Before we sit down to design the website we need to understand what the objectives are. What are we hoping to achieve through the website? After the research, we write this down and present it to the client.

We start this step by analyzing the market, competitors and identifying the brand’s current position. It is important to understand the business and industry for which we are creating the website.

Designers with the most success in our industry are business-aware.

During this stage we can also arrive at a budget considering the scope.

If we are using a template, which we rarely do, the overall cost comes down considerably. If you are a startup who is testing the market, an idea or product may be a better way to go. A template won’t really help you to stand out and the same template is going to be used by multiple people. Creating website assets considering the template restrictions is always a difficult task. But if you need something quick and inexpensive, template is the way. Website templates are not optimized for conversions.


To understand the business, industry, trends – it is important to study them. The research will be in terms of what your competitors are doing, what is going on in the industry, and what is going to change in the near future and visual references.

Based on the project we will decide whether we need primary research as well. In primary research we will talk to your team, your customers, if conversion is one of the key goals. Speaking to the sales team and understanding the sales process is important. Figuring out the customer touchpoints and what role does the website play is very important to understand.

Researching other industries and drawing inspirations from them will help you to stand out. The best ideas come from outside your industry. We are people who, although we know little of your field, may be more likely to come up with breakthrough thinking; indeed, we may be carrying around, in our heads, the germ of the solution you’ve been searching for all along.


Personas will allow us to better respond to each customer’s different challenges and highlight what your brand does better than its competitors.

Building trust doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You have to remain consistent in your messaging, understand your buyer personas and deliver on your promises over time.

When your prospects and customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. When you have their trust, you can also command a higher price and boost the lifetime value of each customer.

We need to put the website visitor first and design for them to build trust. When we don’t trust an organization or a person, it is generally because they put their own interests first. Don’t step into this trap. Helping website visitors builds trust, and if you can help your website visitors, you will put yourself in a great place to be considered as a trustworthy supplier to build a relationship with and to do business with.

How can your website build trust?

Trust is the pillar of all business relationships.

12 ways to earn trust on a website from the Orientation Marketing Agency

  1. Ensure The Website Is Https Secure
  2. Use High-Quality Images – Shoot
  3. Avoid Colloquialisms And Jargon In Website Copy
  4. Consistency Of Brand And Message
  5. Promote Testimonials And Case Studies
  6. Certifications And Awards
  7. Make Your Shortcoming Known
  8. Educate Rather Than Sell
  9. Include Your Clients Or Your Target Audience In Your Content
  10. Present Additional Business Information
  11. Personalisation
  12. Make Your Team Members Known

Key Insights

Your website should stand out from the crowd and give a memorable experience and at the same time should serve the purpose. The key insights from the research is going to help us do exactly that.

Based on the research, we will define a series of key insights for your brand to improve the overall user experience. We will define the website structure, sitemap and navigation, presentation of business/product/service capabilities, and core product message.

We will present our research along with Stylescapes – it’s a rapid prototyping tool framework developed by Chris Do.


We use stylescapes extensively in our projects. It helps us to visualize our ideas and it helps you to see what are some possibilities before we create them. We can essentially decode your words with Stylescapes.

If the visual branding of the brand is already in place and if it’s good, it will guide us. Else we will need to create assets which will go with the brand. This will be done carefully inline with the brand positioning.

Now you would imagine the next step is website designing. But it’s not. If you look at the best websites that do a brilliant job in communication there is one thing in common, great content flow and copywriting. That is the backbone of any website. Visual design makes the content on the website interesting. Most important aspect of the site: the written content.

During the research we will already start thinking about the possible interactions on the website.

Website Storytelling

If the storytelling on the website is good, it then becomes more than a place to generate leads or complete sales. It becomes an ambassador for the entire brand that represents not only what your company can do for individual clients but also how it can make them a part of the company’s mission to improve the world. If your website looks unprofessional, customers may think that your business is too. Yikes!

1. Visual Storytelling

What it is: Strategic use of visual elements to reinforce your branding and create a narrative for readers to follow.

Why it’s important: Visual design is one of the first things your viewers notice and sets the tone for your site through the imagery it creates. Illustrations can also tell a story.

2. Content Storytelling – Content Writing – Copywriting – SEO

What it is: Use of on-site copy across web pages, articles, and marketing materials to communicate with your audience.

Why it’s important: On-site text is one of the primary mediums through which designers communicate with readers. Effective web design relies on clear, focused web copy.

3. Video Storytelling

What it is: Leveraging the engaging, high-impact nature of video content to share your brand’s story and connect with your market.

Why it’s important: Video content is an eye-catching way to connect with readers and capture their attention beyond what simple words or static imagery can manage.

4. Design Storytelling

What it is: Use of website design elements such as animations, triggers, and layout to capture a reader’s attention and provide implicit information about your brand.

Why it’s important: Design relies on the concept of “show, don’t tell.” Design-based storytelling leverages strategic site elements to engage users and invite them in your brand story.

Let’s take a look at Dunshire Production’s Website.

Visual Design

Next step would be to design the website. Here we define the style for imagery style, overall look and feel, typography, color palette and the layout. Required visual assets are created for the sections and pages.

Here we start with simple layouts using old school paper and pen and then make it a reality on any design software. We usually skip the extended low fidelity wireframing as it hardly made sense to anyone. Clients usually like to see something more real once we have the content structure ready. And with an approval on the stylescape we already have an idea how things are going to come together. Visual content is known to increase clicks, engagement, and revenue.

Why is Visual Appeal important for a website?

Visual appeal can – more than anything – attract attention. This is key to getting visitors engaged with your website. We like to look at pretty things and if we have the choice, we always prefer an attractive design or image over an ugly or neutral one.

Visual appeal is an extremely important aspect of web design – particularly when it comes to building that first impression when a person lands on a website and a lasting brand affinity with your visitors. Although, at the same time, it’s important not to neglect the basics.

It takes 2.6 seconds for eyes to settle on key areas of a web page and first impressions matter in websites. And it takes only 17ms to form an opinion about a website.

Users love simple and familiar designs – Why websites need to make a great first impression

The visual design is a way to communicate and appeal to the site’s users. Get it right, and it can determine the site’s success. Get it wrong, and you’re just another web address.


With the introduction of Lottie files we now can introduce after effect animations without slowing down the website. We are now also exploring JS animations which makes the website more interactive.

Website is one the few faces of your brand and that face expressions may build or break trust. Even though we cannot overlook visual appeal, it is very important.

How to do Website Development?

We use and webflow for website development.

All the assets we created need to be optimized before uploading to the server. We use tinypng or bulkresizephotos to optimize images.

We also make sure design wise the assets are optimized for mobile view and different screen sizes as well. Since most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, we really need to take care of how the website pages and sections are getting displayed on a mobile screen. We cannot just adapt what is done for a desktop screen and call it a day.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings. Important elements of technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.

A flat URL structure makes it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl 100% of your site’s pages. B2B organizations can use schema markup to help search engines better understand their website content.

Connect to Google Analytics

Setup Search Console

Why is SEO important for any website?

SEO and user experience (UX) work hand in hand with each other. Building trust organically is how SEO helps your business.

A lot of brands do the website first and then try to make it SEO friendly later. Well you can do that, but it’s better if you start thinking about SEO while creating the website itself. Even though SEO  is an ongoing process, good keyword research and competitor analysis will give us some insights on what needs to be done. I might be over simplifying SEO here, but this is a good starting point. SEO writing is important for any website now.

For SEO content has to be structured in a specific way to signal expertise and authoritativeness to the algorithms.

It’s not just about how well-written and thorough individual articles are; it’s also about how different articles and pages on your site support one another.

Why should you do website testing?

Things we test in a our website design and development

  1. Responsive design
  2. Favicon
  3. 404 Page
  4. [Optimum use of Carousels
    ]( work best when they contain interesting and relevant content that is presented with a clear context. If content wouldn’t engage a user outside of a carousel—placing it in a carousel won’t make it perform any better. If you must use a carousel, prioritize content and ensure that each slide is sufficiently relevant that a user would want to click through to the subsequent slide.
  5. Page loading speed
  6. Whether Navigation is clear
  7. Clear typography – kerning, tracking, and leading
  8. Copy check
  9. No conflicting fonts
  10. Scannable content – Creating scannable content has arguably never been more important than it is today.By accommodating the modern online reader and presenting information in a streamlined, visually appealing way, you can improve the reader’s experience.
    This technique is also effective for preventing “cognitive overload,” which can drain a reader’s mental energy. The end result is happier readers who spend more time on your site and who are more likely to convert.
  11. Right amount of white space
  12. Answer visitor questions
  13. Logo – always at the top left corner
  14. Relevant Imagery – Real images on your home page can enhance a visitor’s first exposure to your brand.
  15. Responsive image sizing
  16. Metadata
  17. Image or file compression
  18. Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  19. Browser caching
  20. Privacy policy
  21. Image Alt Texts
  22. Browser Compatibility
  23. Link Checker

What should be your website launch plan?

Websites we have designed, developed and launched.

When we design and develop a website it will clearly show

  • Who you help as a brand
  • Problems you solve
  • How you do it
  • Proof that you have done for others
  • Pricing
  • How to reach out to you

Your website has been launched! Now what could be some ways to promote the launch?

Ways to promote your website?

  1. Share it on Social.You probably already have an audience of raving fans on social media – make sure they see your brand new website!With more than 500 million users and 10 million job listings, LinkedIn is a professional force to be reckoned with. Make sure your business profile is up to date and contains a link to your website. Link to your website on your personal profile as well.
  2. Send out emails!One very simple way to announce the launch of a business’ new website is to send a direct message to everyone in your database. Let them know when your site goes live. Why you changed your site. Was it to better serve your customers?This can be done through e-mail marketing. One of the most common and popular email marketing campaigns are Email Newsletters. As a small business you can use an email newsletter to provide knowledge about your upcoming website!
  3. Try a Wait-list Launch Strategy.One of the best ways to announce the launch of a new website is to create a coming soon page. A coming soon page helps you build excitement pre-launch and it gives visitors a preview of what your site is all about.Create a landing page dedicated to the launch of your new website. The landing page could highlight all of the important content you want people to see and drive them to click through to other pages of your website.
  4. Make a blog or video about it.

It is really important that you think about the content that you want your visitors to see during your website launch. Do you want them to understand more about your business and brand story, or is it more important that they view your products straight away?When launching a new website, make sure to write a blog post about it! Not only is this great for SEO purposes but this is also an opportunity to share your brand’s story and go over some of the key improvements that come with the launch of the new site.

  1. Start Networking!Find people and organisations you wish to connect with and introduce yourself. Strike up a conversation!It’s important to start adding a personal connection to the launch – helps incite enthusiasm to make the launch successful.

Who do you need website maintenance?

If your website isn’t working properly or is out of date, you may lose out on significant opportunities, such as new leads and sales.

Since 94% of first impressions relate to web design, people may come away with a poor first impression of your business if your site isn’t up to date and functional. Additionally, if you’re an ecommerce business and your ecommerce functionality fails, people won’t be able to purchase your products.

Regular website maintenance helps prevent these issues.

Website maintenance refers to the tasks required to keep your website functioning properly and up to date. It involves regularly checking your website for issues, correcting any issues, and making updates.

Backing up your website can save you from losing a huge amount of time and money if something goes wrong with your site.

At least once a quarter, make sure all your forms and your checkout process are working properly. Ideally marketing department should own the website.

Effective Website Design and Development Tips

There are few basics which every website needs to follow to be effective.

  1. Make your website mobile responsive.
    It’s true that over 50% of searches online now come from a mobile device. This is a no brainer today since it is only going to increase.
  2. Keep above the fold very relevant: Keep your contact information accessible.
    If your business depends on people being able to contact you or call your sales team, put that information where they can find it easily.
  3. Make it easy to navigate. Nobody wants to come to a website and get lost. Keep the navigation easily accessible and provide breadcrumbs if required.
  1. Keep your pages uncluttered. The easier it is to consume the website content the longer the customer is going to stay.
  1. Make sure the content is relatable. Inexperienced content marketers focus on creating content that’s focused on their business and how great they are. This content ignores visitors’ desires, goals, fears, frustrations, and problems. Make sure your website copy is customer-oriented.
  2. Respect the need for speed. Short load times give customers the information they want when they want it. If your site can’t deliver, a competitor’s site will.
  1. Have a call to action. You gave the required information, now tell them what is the next step.
  2. Keep your design simple. Don’t let the design over power the information you want to share. There are times when complex designs serve a purpose, but make sure you know when you want to use it.
  1. Incorporate SEO best practices.

Hubspot shared these guidelines for good web design:

  1. Simplicity: Eliminate unnecessary design elements and make your site easy to understand.
  2. Hierarchy: Arrange your site so visitors naturally gravitate to the most important elements.
  3. Navigability: Make your site’s navigation simple and obvious.
  4. Consistency: The look and feel of your site should be uniform throughout.
  5. Accessibility: Your site should be compatible with all devices (mobile, tablet, etc.).
  6. Conventionality: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use elements and design that people are familiar with.
  7. Credibility: Be upfront about your intent and your pricing.
  8. User-centricity: Gather user responses to all site elements to get the best UX.

How can your website stand out?

  • Show The World Who You Are Through Creative Bios
  • Take A Unique Stand
  • Showcase Likable And Relatable Video
  • Provide Insight And Inspiration
  • Keep Your Website Content Fresh
  • Don’t Use Stock Photos
  • Display Examples And Metrics
  • Adjust Your Website Menus And Navigation Titles
  • Make It About Them

How long do users stay on your website?

Less than 15 seconds.

That’s the average time spent on a website. And that’s how long you have to capture someone’s attention on your website.

If you haven’t generated interest in 15 seconds, then you probably aren’t going to. A high bounce rate indicates a poorly constructed site.

Why do users leave a website?

  1. Visitors Leave Your Site When They Don’t Get What They Expect
  2. Visitors Leave Your Site When It Isn’t Usable
  3. Visitors Leave Your Site When They Don’t Know What to Do
  4. Visitors Leave Your Site If They Suspect You Aren’t Being Genuine
  5. Visitors Leave Your Site When You Fail to Impress or Inspire

A poor design that gives too many options will significantly lower your sales and increase your bounce rate.

According to Yoast, bounce rate has three different interpretations:

  1. The quality of the page is low. There’s nothing inviting to engage with.
  2. Your audience doesn’t match the purpose of the page since they won’t engage with your page.
  3. Visitors have found the information that they were looking for.

Here’s an example of a few industry standards from Kissmetrics:

Top 10 Web Design Companies in Bangalore 2024

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development.

What does a Web Design Company do?

A web design company works on the website strategy, appearance, layout, and, in some cases, content of a website. Web designers make sure the site looks clear and clean-cut and that customers instinctively know how to interact with it. They are sometimes referred to as user experience, or “UX,” designers. Web development focuses on the behind-the-scenes programming that makes a website work.

We’ve put together this list of ten trusted web design companies that offer quality work in their respective fields.

List of Web Design Companies in Bangalore in 2024

Looking for the best website designing companies in Bangalore? Check out our list of the top 10 companies that offer exceptional web design services.

  1. Everything Design – Branding and Website Design Company in Bangalore
  5. Hyperlinkinfosystem

1.Everything Design

web design company clients and reviews

Everything Design is a leading web design company based in Bangalore. The web design company reviews really shows that they are one of the best agency you can look into if you are looking for a new website design for your company. You can see the list of websites build by this web design company on their portfolio page. Everything Design is run by Mejo Kuriachan.


Swaragh Technologies, one of the leading website design and development companies in Bangalore, India has made headways in offering customised web enabled services & solutions in the areas of Digital Branding, Website Design & Development, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Customized eCommerce Solutions, Digital Marketing and SaaS based ERP Solutions.


Zauca is India’s most affordable, low cost web design company in India offering website designing with Unbeatable “Pricing”


Nextwebi delivers high-end IT solutions to businesses and offers the best class web solutions for your business that helps you to succeed remarkably in your ventures. Through our agile digital methodology and practice of constant innovation with domain expertise, we aim to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction through our services.

5. Hyperlinkinfosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a renowned mobile app development company & the best IT Software Solutions provider based in New York, USA & India, established in 2011. Apart from this, we also have sales offices in California, USA & Dubai, UAE.


Nexevo Technologies is a professional website designing and web development company in Bangalore. We have received immense appreciation for our affordable website development services and qualified team, making us an award-winning website designing and development company in the city.


Techuz is known for its exceptionally skilled team, who are best in class in their fields and technologies. We are extremely diligent in selecting our team members and only hire people who comply with our high-quality standards and company culture. We are also focused on investing in our people and keeping them up to date with the latest skills and trends. So working with Techuz means you’re working with the best of the best talents in the industry.



Net Solutions is a strategic design & build consultancy that unites creative design thinking with agile software development under one expert roof. Founded in 2000, we create award-winning transformative digital products & platforms for startups and enterprises worldwide.

10. Everything Flow Agency

Everything Flow Agency works with companies as a web development company. The website project showcase will give you a better understanding of their web development capabilities.

While you are selecting a web design company it is important to check their previous web design works and also the reviews available online.

Design is an essential aspect of any website, and it’s crucial to choose a company that understands your vision and can bring it to life. From user experience to visual appeal, a good design can make or break your online presence. When choosing a website designing company, look for one that has a strong portfolio, a good reputation, and a team of experienced designers who can create a website that meets your specific needs.

Leading Website Design Company in Bangalore

Web Design & Web Development Agency Portfolio

Website Design - Home Page

Website Design and Webflow Development for i3systems

Website Design and Webflow Development

Website Goal: Refresh the look and feel of the brand & improve alignment with target customers. Make the website communication more customer oriented. Create website assets (visual assets like animations, imagery) for product communication.

Web Develpment Cyber Security

Website Design and Webflow Development for Cyber Security Firm

What is it like to do a website design project with this Website Design Company in Bangalore?

Why are we the best b2b website design company?

We believe we are the best website design and web development company because of our commitment to excellence, our innovative and creative approach, and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

We use the most up-to-date tools and technology like webflow and are constantly striving to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We take pride in delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions that help our clients reach their goals. Our years of experience and extensive portfolio of successful projects speak for themselves.

website design and development for actress home page design elnaaz norouzi

Elnaaz Norouziz: Actress, Model


Sanket: Photographer‍‍

Home Page Website Design Manupatra

Manupatra: Legal Database Provider‍

Website Development Bangalore

Webflow Development - Sidhant Minocha: Fashion and Textile Designer

What designing services do we offer as a b2b website design company?

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of service and quality workmanship to our clients. We pride ourselves on our creative and innovative approach to website design and development, and our ability to tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. We are passionate about delivering beautiful, functional websites that are designed to help our clients reach their business goals.

We provide high-quality services and ensure that our clients get the best results. We also offer custom solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We use the latest technologies to create innovative and user-friendly websites that are optimized for search engines. Our team has also been successful in helping our clients to achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

Website Hero Section Design - Solytics Partners

Web Design for Solytics Partners: Risk Management for Financial Institutions‍

Website Design Eshna Home Page

Eshna Kutty Website: Artist‍

Duke Richards Interiors: Interior Design Firm

Everything Design Review

Geist Website Development: Indian food & beverage brand Website

‍How to select a web design company for your brand?

  1. Research the agency’s portfolio: Before committing to any website design agency, it is important to take a look at the portfolio of their past work. This will help you get a better understanding of their design style and the quality of their work.
  2. Check their references: If the website design agency has a portfolio of satisfied clients, it would be wise to reach out to their references and ask about their experience. You can also read online reviews to get an unbiased opinion about the agency’s services.
  3. Have a clear goal in mind: Before you begin the process of selecting a website design agency, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. This will help the agency understand your needs and determine if they are the right fit for the job.
  4. Consider their technical expertise: It is important to select a website design agency that has the necessary technical expertise to build the type of website you need. Make sure to inquire about the coding language they use and the types of websites they can create.
  5. Get a sense of their customer service: When selecting a website design agency, you want to make sure they offer good customer service. Ask them how they will handle any technical issues that may arise and how they will communicate with you throughout the process.

How much do web design companies charge to design a website?

The right answer is, it depends a lot of variables. First you need to define the scope of a website project. The scope can include website strategy, copywriting for website, iconography, visual graphics, motion graphics, CMS, website development, website maintenance. It can also be dependent on the number of visual routes the design agency is presenting to a client, also the kind of resources working on it.

A full fledged website project can cost anywhere between 12lakh to 40 lakh. The number of pages is also a factor to consider.

Who is India's number one web designer?

Mega Web Design is the best web design company in India, providing creative web design and development services in India and around the world. They are really good at low cost websites, they provide aesthetic websites at a very affordable price.

Everything Design can also be considered as India’s No.1 web design agency considering the number of high quality websites they have designed and developed. They have inhouse specialist teams to handle website strategy, copywriting for website, iconography, visual graphics, motion graphics, CMS, website development, website maintenance. They are also a webflow partner agency for India.

Below are some of the India’s best website design companies according to yourstory which are highly recommendable, if you are planning for a boost in your business.

According to another article of yourstory, the following are the best Web Design Companies in India in 2024

  • Web Destiny Solutions
  • TIS India
  • FATbit Technologies
  • Alakmalak Technologies
  • Techuz InfoWeb
  • Sparx IT Solutions
  • ColorWhistle
  • Mandy Web Design
  • Webzguru
  • Sam Web Studio
Webflow Website Development - Bangalore

Rewild Farms: Webflow Development

landing-page-design-real-estate bangalore

Website Development for The Estates: Real Estate‍‍

Hoop Flo Website Design

Hoop Flo: Artist‍

Webflow Development SAAS Product Rapidfort

SAAS - Webflow Development: Cybersecurity‍‍

Website Design - Bangalore, Juzi Fruits - Home Page

Website Design for Juzi Fruits: Website Design for a Bangalore Startup

Webflow Development - Website

Webflow Development- Attending Home Care: Webflow Development‍

HK Management Partner - Webflow Development

Webflow Development - HK Management Partners: Consulting Firm‍

Webflow Development Website

Webflow Development - OneLern: Website Design for EdTech Firm‍

Webflow Development - India

Webflow Development: For the sake of Argument

Webflow Developed Website

Website Strategy, Website Design and Webflow Development for Ivy Homes

Custom Design, Illustrations, Micro Animations

Industry – PropTech


Webflow Development of Website for Homecare Brand

Webflow Development: Attending Home Care‍

Webflow Development for Report Design.jpg

Report Design - Webflow Development

Webpage Interactions

Industry – Equity
Client – Elevar Equity

D2C Website Design

Web Design for Welga‍

Webflow Development

Web Design and Web Development: Webpage Interactions

Website Development for EdTech Brand

Web Design and Web Development for OneLern: Webpage Interactions

everything design team bangalore designing b2b website

Web Development for Analytics Brand: Sparkline – Singapore

b2b website design for entropik

Web Design and Web Development for Entropik

WordPress Migration

Genrobotics Web Design G Gaiter

Web Development for G Gaiter

Website for Genrobotics sub brand G Gaiter

Web Design and Web Development for Everything Flow

Webflow Development

Visit Our New Website

30 web design companies in Bangalore in 2024

  1. Percoyo
  2. Swaragh
  3. Avatarstudios
  4. Nexevo
  5. Nextwebi
  6. Brandstory
  9. Metricfox
  10. Vistasadindia
  11. Cssfounder
  14. Zauca
  16. Seekneo
  17. Channelsoftech
  19. Brandfame
  20. Webhopers
  21. Honeycombindia
  22. Digimarkagency
  23. 5ines
  24. Eorbsolutions
  25. Neuwayinnovations
  27. Sitesolutions
  30. Everything Design

What can I expect from a web design company?

Creating a high-impact website is essential for B2B tech brands aiming to enhance their brand messaging and online presence. EverythingDesign, a specialized web design agency, is ideally positioned to partner with such companies. Their expertise lies in developing websites on Webflow, a platform favored for its ease of use, especially for marketing teams requiring frequent updates.

Companies that see the value of a website in their business operations, particularly those with a well-defined product-market fit looking to expand into new areas or target new customer segments, will find EverythingDesign’s services invaluable. Their approach is particularly effective for businesses that need to simplify complex product information for their target audience while maintaining the essence and appeal of their brand.

A successful website not only attracts the right audience but also filters out unfit leads, making lead generation more efficient. EverythingDesign’s proficiency extends beyond design; they excel in crafting website content that resonates with the target audience, ensuring the brand’s tone and messaging are on point. This is achieved through a comprehensive eight-step process, starting from the discovery phase to understand the website’s main objectives and culminating in the development phase using Webflow.

This process involves an in-depth exploration of the brand and its offerings, market research, defining the site’s objectives, and developing a cohesive and engaging website messaging strategy. The ideation and conceptualization stages allow for creative brainstorming to refine design approaches, followed by the development of visual elements and wireframes that align with the brand’s identity.

EverythingDesign emphasizes the importance of hiring a professional team for website development. A well-designed website by a professional team like EverythingDesign can elevate a B2B startup’s online presence, ensuring the website scales effectively as the business grows. This strategic approach not only improves the sales funnel but also contributes significantly to the overall growth of the company.

In conclusion, B2B tech brands seeking to enhance their online presence, clarify their brand messaging, and develop a highly functional and impactful website should consider partnering with EverythingDesign. Their expertise in Webflow development, combined with a strategic and comprehensive approach to web design, makes them an ideal choice for businesses aiming to scale and succeed in the digital arena.

What are the steps in a web design project?

Discovery Phase

  1. Discovery Questionnaire
  2. Inputs on Key Goals
  3. Brand Assets Collation
  4. Project Team Alignment
  1. Timeline Creation
  1. Internal Kick Off Meeting
  1. Kick Off Meeting with Client

Research Phase

  1. Understanding the Brand and Product Offerings
  2. Sitemap Creation
  3. URL Structure of Website
  4. Research and Benchmarking
  5. Cross Industry Learning
  1. Timeline Creation
  1. Needs Assessment
  1. Discovery Workshop
  1. CPD Workshop
  2. Findings & Insights Collation

Website Strategy

  1. Sitemap Refinement
  2. Redefining the Key Objectives
  1. Home Page Sections
  1. Sections for Remaining Pages

Website Messaging

  1. Base Content Review for All Pages
  2. Tone of Voice
  3. Refine Messaging for Home Page
  4. Copywriting

Ideation + Conceptualisation

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Redefining the Key Objectives
  3. Design Approach
  1. Conceptual Routes Creation
  1. Visual Route Mood Boards

Visual Design

  1. Stylescape
  2. Brand Visual Asset Extension
  1. Image Bank Creation
  1. Iconography
  1. Typography

Website Design

  1. Styleguide
  2. Low Fidelity Wireframes
  1. Copy Optimization
  1. Homepage Design
  1. Motion Graphics
  1. Interactions
  1. Scalable Components + CMS
  1. Key Pages Design
  1. Handover for Development

Website Development

  1. Style Guide – Development
  2. Page Structuring
  1. Lottie Animations
  1. Technical SEO
  1. Browser Testing
  1. Responsiveness Testing
  1. Publishing
  2. Website Maintenance
  1. Handover
  1. Training


How many experts does the company have?

We are team of 25+ experts.

How long has the company been running?

Its been a little over 4 years in 2024.

How many projects has the company launched?

We have completed around 250 projects. One of them is Fortuna Cysec, you can see the testimonial video here.

How many countries has the web design company served?

We have served over 15 countries.

What are some testimonials from past clients?

Varun, the CEO and founder of Nimble Edge, shares his experience with Everything Design. He highlights how the agency's proactive approach and deep understanding of their technical product helped create a professional and coherent website. Varun appreciated Everything Design's ability to independently think through the website structure and content, making the process easier and more efficient for his resource-constrained team. The agency's willingness to accommodate changes and work within tight timelines, even with time zone differences, was particularly impressive. Varun strongly recommends Everything Design for their ability to deliver high-quality, customized web solutions that align with business goals and industry standards.

You can see the testimonials on this page -

Does the company provide hosting services?

Yes, webflow is the tech stack Everything Design web design agency uses. Webflow comes with hosting services.

Does the company offer any content management system to conveniently upload information and graphics?

Yes, webflow CMS offer a convenient way to upload information and graphics.

Does the company integrate any third-party APIs for seamless functionality?

Yes, everything webflow experts are well versed with third-party API integrations.

Does the web design company provide a comprehensive website ownership package that includes source code, domain name, and privacy protection?


Do the web design company in Bangalore also offer services in graphic design, digital marketing, and social media?

We do offer graphic design services.

Do web development agency in Bangalore offer solutions in video production, brand services, and photography?


How does the timeline of their website design and development process look like?

It takes anywhere between 6 weeks to 16 weeks.

What kind of clients range from start-ups, small businesses, non-profit organisations to enterprise clients have they worked with?

Everything Design works with start-ups, small businesses, non-profit organisations to enterprise clients.

Looking for a web design company in Bangalore?

Whatsapp Me

Website Design done by most agencies – it’s just another project for them. It is not only the agency’s fault, brands push agencies and they end up listening to them since they also have bills to pay and need projects. Without expert help if your brand is getting a website done, you are making a huge mistake, the chances of that website doing its purpose is very narrow.

A lot of shortcuts, templates, lack of research, lack of business understanding, lack of insighting, lack of budget – finally leads to another website which fails to communicate to your ideal customer profile.

The amount of money you are leaving on the table since your website didn’t communicate what it should is huge.

Let’s be honest: most B2B branding and websites are not interesting. Yes, B2B websites and B2C websites are different, B2B as it says communicates to business, but that does not mean it has to be any less interesting or boring.

It’s often general statements and basic definitions, wrapped in complex words and promises anyone can make. The team working with the agency on the website project is very important for the success of a website project. If the team is not knowledgeable, it can lead to an “it’s good enough” mindset and push around agencies.

Website designers can be storytellers and interpreters. They’re not just here to serve lead gen. They’re here to make their customers and audience the stars of the show. To do that, they can’t be relegated to keyword research and ill-conceived gated assets. And when I say website designers – it’s a team of many skill sets. A good website needs a good amount of research, good copywriting, great visual design and solid development in a tool like webflow.

If you need to make something really appealing then a set of animators and front end coders.

That is why Everything Design is one of the best website development companies you can rely on. There isn’t website visual design or website development  and then everything else—there’s strategic, engaging content and design that connects to business, your product or service and everything else. A good website even helps you to attract better talent. And if you have access to better talent it eventually builds the brand and products.

Why should you choose Everything Design as your web development company?

A great web development company can give you what you need to bring your business in front of your potential customers and all other stakeholders in the form of a website in the best way possible.

We are not here to add more projects, we are here to work with a handful of clients – founders and marketing team who want a website to take the business forward. Our team is so much better than us, the founders at so many things and we believe that is the only way to deliver the best possible output – web design and branding.

It’s fun to  work with interesting people on interesting projects.

It’s even more fun to work with other people to deliver the best possible website design and branding for our clients—and give ourselves and our time the right work/life balance in the process. We’re started small, and we are now growing, so does our team and our clients.

What can you expect from Everything Design as a Web Design Agency?


We have that reputation in the industry and we are going to keep it that way. We are proud about all the work we have done so far and went live. Our testimonials will support this, if we want to be known for one thing, that is accountability. Like Mr. Sharan from Ximakart reviewed us, we are problem solvers and we figure out and deliver.

One of the reasons we decided to use webflow as our tech stack is also because we want the perfect for our clients. Webflow is one the best tech stack right now available in the market, which is also accountable.

We will be looking for opportunities to work on some cool websites with some interesting people for some great brands.

But, in this next year, we’ll also be focused on:

Our mission: Make B2B Brand Communications Interesting – that includes web design and web development. No two websites are the same, and no two websites we do will look or communicate the same.

Our team: We have an amazing team who can deliver brilliant web development – a team of designers, copywriters, webflow developers and animators. And our research is not done by an intern for the sake of it. Our webflow team is always upgrading themselves to keep themselves updated to deliver the best output. We recreate websites which are done by others in webflow. That helps us to learn constantly. That makes us webflow experts in Bangalore.

We have an amazing team who can deliver brilliant web development - a team of designers, copywriters, webflow developers and animators.

Our process: We are fairly organized, but we are only going to get better. We are putting systems in place, but with enough room to make mistakes, learn, improve and explore.

Everything Design is a Branding Agency who can build great websites.

Review about Everything Design’s Website Design Quality

We recently took two testimonial videos to show you how good we are in web development and branding. Sharan, founder of Ximkart tells the story of how they decided to rebrand their company, and why it was important. He says that when they started, they always had branding in the back of their mind, and that it is “super important” with a clear message. In this video he talks about how the Ximkart team worked with the Everything Design  team to create logos and a theme for their business and website. The experience was good overall, and he liked the fact that the senior team’s involvement in the project and amazing output.

i3systems’ Branding and Website project was one of our first branding and website project when we started Everything Design – a Branding and Website Agency for B2B Companies.

Why is a great website important for your business?

A B2B website is a workhorse with multiple responsibilities — but its main goal is to convert prospects into customers.

A good product is not enough for your business to grow. You need a website that:

  • Positions your product above all the competition and differentiate from the competition
  • Generates qualified leads consistently and does the job of a great salesperson
  • Speaks to your audience and shows the true value of your product

If your website is not doing this it is hurting your business growth, more than you think.

Why websites done by Everything Design will help your business to grow?

Most websites try to force every visitor to convert. But we all know as much as we want that to happen it won’t. The website should make someone want to take a demo, book a call, fill a form, a free trial or even a paid sign-up, not force them.

When you’re selling higher ticket B2B solutions you should also want to repel poor-fit prospects and ATTRACT great fit ones, the ideal customer profile, the people who can afford and get value from your offer.

Transparency is a winner for your b2b website design.

A pricing page, FAQs, who you help and case studies, get those right from the research, your website will do wonders for your business.

While creating the website strategy and website messaging, ask – does the audience actually understand what we really do?

Looking for a Website Designer?

Let’s face it. If you have any bad website design elements on your site, it is going to affect your business. We, at Everything.Design help companies build great websites. By taking a hands-on role in your website’s design process, we guarantee that you’ll get a website that meets or exceeds your expectations. Your website is your 24 Hours a day sales rep, invest in that one person.

  • What is the history of the company?

Everything Design is a 4.5 years old agency started by Mejo Kuriachan and Ekta Manchanda. Now we are team of almost 30 people. Even though we started with all design services, now the focus is on website design and brand identity design for b2b brands.

  • 2.Which year was the company founded?

Company was founded in 2020.

  • 3.How many successful projects have been delivered by the company?

Everything Design have provided web design services to over 150 companies and have completed more than 300 projects.

  • 4.How many satisfied customers does the company have?

8 out of 10 customers continue to work with Everything Design for design services after web design services, making Everything Design the best website design company.

  • 5.How many SaaS based products does the company offer?

We do not offer any saas based products, commerce website design, digital marketing solutions or application development.

  • 6.Does the company cater to a global clientele?

Yes, the company cater to a global audience for any web development requirement.

  • 7.Does the company provide domain registration and web hosting services?

Yes, we can help you with domain registration and web hosting services in webflow. Webflow also provides content management system. A dedicated team will help you achieve better user experiences.

What is the company's experience in the field of web design services?

We have been working with web design services and what makes us the best web design company is the dedicated team who is commited to develop web development services. Custom website development for business needs is our niche and reason for great customer satisfaction. We get new customers usually via referrals or search engine optimisation.

Final Thoughts

Everything Design stands out as a leading B2B web design agency, thanks to our comprehensive approach to design, storytelling, and user experience. Our team is dedicated to creating websites that not only look great but also drive tangible results for your business. Everything Design stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in B2B web development, delivering custom-tailored, visually stunning, and strategically sound digital solutions that elevate brands to new heights.

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