Why hire a B2B Web Design Company for your Business?

A B2B web design agency will make sure your website’s content is written and organized in a way that helps buyers learn about your products and services. B2B agencies also know how to optimize your website so that it ranks well in search engines.

Updated on
November 28, 2023

Running a startup is always a balancing act. You have finite resources from time and people to capital, and you need to continuously optimise the allocation of each to get maximum returns. No matter what anyone says, you will have to cut some corners. It's only a question of which ones.

B2B SaaS startups, in particular, are used to working with a minimum viable product they can ship out quickly and iterate on. It's natural to extend this approach to every aspect of the business, including the website.

Why and When to Hire a B2B Website Design Agency for Your Business?

While it's not wrong to be frugal with your website, you need to carefully consider if your efforts to cut costs will end up making you pay more.

So, how do you figure out if your approach is right? Let's start by looking at your options when you decide to build a website.

DIY Website Platforms: Quick but Limited

There are many platforms that let you develop a website quickly, without any coding or design experience. My personal favourite is Carrd.co, which lets you build beautiful one-page websites in a couple of hours. Wix.com is another popular option that allows for multi-page websites but is not as straightforward as Carrd.co.

These DIY platforms are great if you're a 2-week old startup that needs a website in time for a meeting you have tomorrow. However, they have scalability issues as your needs grow. Carrd.co, with its one-page limitation, makes the use-case very clear. But platforms like Wix can lead you down a rabbit hole of endless customizations until you finally realise a complex migration process is inevitable.

Template-Based Websites: A Step Up, but Not the Final Solution

After outgrowing the DIY website, startups often turn to web development companies that offer reasonably priced websites based on premium templates. Instead of you trying to figure out how to drag and drop and configure everything, you get a developer to do it. The idea is that you save costs by building off an existing template instead of starting from scratch.

However, the relatively low cost of this option can be misleading. You'll often need customisations that are not possible with the template, or require custom coding. Startups need to pivot everything from their positioning to their business model frequently. It can be unviable if your website can't reflect those changes quickly. For example, adding a simple sub-header could take days and additional costs.

The template-based packages also often lack design support, which you usually discover only once you're deep into the process. The template might look great at the time of purchase because it has images and visual elements selected specifically for it, but when you need to insert your content, it can be incredibly tough to work backward to fit the template.

Websites build by Product Development Teams

Most of the tech company's first website is build by product development teams who don't necessarily speak the marketing language. This can limit the website's communication capabilities. Another limitation in this scenario is, most of the websites build by tech team is not scalable. Programming languages like React or Node will be used since they will be familiar with them, but not familiar for the marketing teams. So any change which the marketing team may require will takes weeks to get updated.

Who Owns Your Website? Tech? Sales? Marketing?

Even though the CTO takes the call on what platform/technologies to use to build it, it’s you the marketer who uses it to generate leads/sales from it. If the website is down (pencil runs out of lead) it’s the leads/sales that suffers – which by the way is your KRA and not the CTO’s. So you will have to ask the CTO to fix it but still, the website ownership resides with you, the marketer!

The Comprehensive Solution: A Specialised B2B Website Design Company

The third option is to hire a website design agency that specialises in the B2B space. Many avoid this option until they learn the disadvantages of the other options the hard way. However, it can often save you money and, more importantly, deliver results while freeing up your mind to focus on building your business.

Focus on Messaging First

A B2B website should be designed to communicate your key value proposition to the right audience. A good design agency will start with a messaging strategy before diving into the design. A great one will understand your business landscape almost as well as you do and understand the psychology of the target audience even better. They will design everything from the site architecture to headers and sub-headers in a way that draws the reader's eye, makes them feel like the product was built just for them, and nudges them to take a conversion action—like filling up a contact form or booking a demo.

Comprehensive Design and Development Services

Website design and development require two separate skill sets. Typically, web development companies do not have good design capabilities, and good design companies do not have web development capabilities. A specialised website development company will have both teams in-house, working collaboratively and learning from each other so that every design idea is practically doable within a reasonable timeframe and cost.

SEO Optimisation Without Losing the Message

One of the key purposes of a good website is to attract organic traffic and generate inbound leads. This can only happen if the website is discoverable. SEO of the website and its content is critical to make this happen. However, SEO can only help the customer find the website, not convert them. Good content strategy requires all copywriting on the website to be optimised for both search engine bots and human readers, without sacrificing one for the other.

Scale with the Business

Startups need websites that pivot and change as often as the business does. This can only happen if you have a long-term partnership with an agency that understands your business, history, and needs. A good agency will set up a solid foundation for your website, give you access to a Content Management System (CMS) that lets you make changes yourself when needed, and be agile in taking on new phases of the website.

Effective Sales Funnel Integration

The goal of any website is to further the sales process and play a part in the funnel. This could mean acquiring new customers, convincing prospects about your credibility, or upselling and cross-selling to existing customers. A good website agency will understand the B2B buying cycle and personas well enough to do this, avoiding vanity projects that do not drive business results.

Who should work with specialised website companies like EverythingDesign?

We mainly help B2B tech brands with their brand messaging, website content, and design and development. Our focus is on Webflow development which is easier for marketing teams to use than WordPress, especially for those who update their website often.

The ideal partners for EverythingDesign are businesses that recognize the importance of a website and have a product that fits the market well. If you're looking to expand into new areas, target new customers, or grow your business, our expertise in website design and development can be very valuable. A successful website clearly explains your product and brand to visitors. Complex information should be made simple, but not every person needs to find it appealing—just your target audience. It's essential for a website to show what your brand is about, what problems your product solves, and to attract the right people while turning away the wrong ones.

We manage everything from strategy to development. The process has eight steps, beginning with a discovery phase where we learn about your website's main goals, unique selling points (USPs), competition, industry trends, and how your team will use the site. We gather all brand materials like logos, product details, videos, FAQs, sales decks, and social media links. After aligning our team internally and understanding your product fully through a demo, we move on to research. This step involves studying the market and competitors to provide insights for design.

Next is defining the brand and product offerings in detail. We create a sitemap and URL structure that helps with search engine optimization (SEO) while considering any previous URLs. We then present our findings to you for feedback.

After this comes strategy development where we define the objectives of each page on the site and create hooks that engage visitors emotionally. Messaging is critical; we refine the homepage content to address potential client objections clearly.

Ideation follows strategy; our team brainstorms design approaches based on our earlier findings. Once you approve a visual direction, we create stylescapes with icons, typography, image styles, and animations that make information easy to understand.

Then we draft low-fidelity wireframes of key pages and optimize the copy to be clear and concise. The design includes planning scalable components and CMS requirements.

Development starts with Webflow by setting up a style guide and building out the homepage first as it contains most components. We consider technical SEO factors like image alt text and meta descriptions during this stage.

Finally, after browser tests ensure compatibility across platforms and optimizing speed and responsiveness, we publish the website. We can maintain it or train your marketing team to manage updates.

In short, hiring professionals like EverythingDesign ensures that as your business grows, your website can too without losing its core message or functionality. A well-built website by a professional team supports an effective sales funnel for growth.

How does professional website agencies help business websites?

Everything Design is a top agency that makes great websites for businesses. We help companies look better online, get more people to visit their websites, and help them make more money from their sites. Our work starts with talking to you about what you need. Then we make and improve your website to help your business grow.

We are in India and we focus on making websites that are easy to use. These websites help get more leads, which can change how you do business online. We help tech companies get better at marketing and selling things.

Everything Design is one of the best because we care a lot about making creative and useful websites that do what each business needs. Our team has designers, writers, and people who know how to make websites that work well and look good. They make sure businesses stand out.

We know a lot about B2B, which means selling things from one business to another. This can take longer and be more complicated than selling to regular people. But we're good at it! We have clear prices, know how to get your website seen (SEO), can write good content, and support you for a long time. We always work closely with our clients and do more than they expect, which is why they like us so much for web design.

Building a website for your B2B or SaaS startup?

Building a website for your B2B or SaaS startup is best thought of as building a home. You can buy a pre-fabricated container home as a starting point, dress it up with Ikea furniture, or hire an architect and interior designer to build a dream home that explains who you are and what you care about to any visitor, even if you aren't home to talk through it.

There's nothing wrong with any of these options, as long as you know what you're getting into. What you want to avoid is cycling through all three options, losing money and time in the process. If you're setting up your business to scale right from the start, go directly for the best option. If you're unsure, start with a DIY website until you learn the ropes, and then hire a specialised B2B agency when you understand both what you want and the limitations of your current platform. It will pay for itself in the long run.

Ready to invest in a website that grows with your business? At Everything.Design, we specialise in ideating, designing and developing high quality websites that increase sales for funded startups and medium-sized businesses. Drop us a note if you'd like to build a website that reflects your brand's vision and achieves business goals.

Diagnosing website issues

  1. User Tests: Conducting user tests is crucial for gaining insights into your website's performance and identifying areas for improvement. This involves observing someone using your site, giving them specific tasks, watching them complete these tasks, asking for their thoughts, and recording the results for later analysis​​.
  2. Feedback Button: Implementing a "Give Feedback" button on your website allows visitors to report issues at their convenience. This button acts as a continuous open invitation for feedback, making it easier for visitors to communicate their frustrations or suggestions​​.
  3. Eye Tracking: Using eye-tracking technology during user tests can help identify where your visitors are looking on your pages. This method reveals which areas of your website are attracting attention and which are being overlooked​​.
  4. Session Recording Tools: Tools like Hotjar can record visitors' sessions, showing you how they navigate through your site. This includes capturing keystrokes and mouse movements, offering a clear view of user interactions and difficulties​​.
  5. Website's Search Tool Analysis: Analyzing the search logs on your site can reveal what visitors are looking for but can't find. This helps in understanding user intent and improving content visibility and relevance​​.
  6. Method Marketing: Becoming a customer of your own or a competitor's website helps understand customer experiences deeply. This involves empathizing with visitors and understanding the problems they face​​.
  7. Click Maps and Analytics: Easy-to-interpret click maps and form analytics software can pinpoint exactly where visitors click and which form fields cause issues. Live chat and co-browsing options further allow direct interaction with visitors for real-time problem-solving​​.

Each of these methods used by web design agency provides valuable insights into different aspects of website usability and customer experience, helping diagnose issues effectively.

Your website is your online hub for lead generation — which makes B2B web design essential to your company’s growth. A company’s website is the first thing we all visit to find out about everything. A functional and attractive website draws people in and convinces them to convert, turning your site into a sales-generating machine. Skyrocket your business revenue by partnering with the B2B web design agency.

Your one-stop shop for B2B web design

If you’re looking for B2B web design, you may be tempted to hire a general web design agency. While this may seem convenient, it’s not necessarily a good idea. While a general web design agency may be able to provide you with a functional website, they won’t be able to create a specialized B2B website for your business. This may result in a website that fails to capture the attention of your target customers, which could lead to fewer conversions and less revenue. By partnering with a B2B web design agency that specializes in B2B web development, you can rest easy knowing that your website was designed with your specific business needs in mind.

Why partner with a B2B web development company?

A B2B web design agency knows B2B marketing and B2B sales like the back of their hands. They have worked with businesses in a variety of industries and have the expertise to create B2B-specific web designs that convert. This means you can be confident that your B2B website design will be effective at driving business to your company. B2B agencies also know the ins and outs of the B2B buying process.

For example, they know that decision-makers want access to information that helps them make informed purchasing decisions. A B2B web design agency will make sure your website’s content is written and organized in a way that helps buyers learn about your products and services. B2B agencies also know how to optimize your website so that it ranks well in search engines, which means you can drive organic traffic to your site.

How can an expert agency help with your B2B web development?

A B2B web design agency will work with you to create a plan for your website. This website design process will help you determine what features you want on your site, what your goals are for the website, and how to measure success.

Your B2B web design agency will also help you create a content strategy for your website. This means they will help you develop your messaging, decide what content to include on your site, and determine where that content should be placed.

The B2B web design agency’s B2B-savvy will help you create a website that complements your sales strategy, inspires trust in your customers, and converts leads into sales. B2B web design agencies also have access to a variety of website development tools and technologies, which means they can create a website that’s both functional and user-friendly.

How investing in a great website will give you better business returns?

A top-notch B2B website is essential for growing your business. It acts as the face of your company, so it’s important that it is professional and promotes trust. A high-quality B2B website design can help you achieve your sales goals and grow your business.

In fact, a great B2B website can boost your company’s bottom line by: Increasing traffic to your site: A B2B website that is easy to navigate and visually appealing will help you attract new customers and keep the ones you have. Generating leads: A well-designed B2B website will prompt your visitors to take action and provide you with valuable contact information, such as their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. This information can be used to generate leads for your business.

6 emerging sections in a B2B companies website we have noticed this far:

1) Carrer Page: Providing information about benefits, work environment, and company culture of a company.

2) Case Studies: Stories about how the company outline the challenges, practice solution and generate outcome with key highlights.

3) Blogs: As an extended token of service, blogs are crucial to awareness and conversion.

4) Resources: Providing useful tools, Ebooks, webinars, glossaries, and industry reports to the targeted audience.

5) Media Kits and Press: Providing pictures of teams, founders, and managers in media kits; followed by featuring in news and releasing press releases.

Why did i3systems, a B2B brand hired Everything Design for their web development?

According to the founder of i3systems

  • Basic skills was there for sure
  • Whether they have the fire in them to get the project delivered. We understood that they will figure out even if they don’t know something.
  • They studied the competition and the mission, vision and philosophy of the company itself to come up with a great website.

Bottom line? Investing in a great website will give you better business returns.

Now that you understand why you should invest in a B2B website design company that specializes in B2B web development, it’s time to find your perfect partner. When it comes to choosing the right design company for your B2B website design project, it’s important to do your research. Make sure to ask potential B2B web design agencies these five important questions to make sure they’re the right fit for you. When you partner with the right B2B web design agency for your website design project, you can rest easy knowing that your website will be an effective sales tool and source of business growth.

  1. Does your b2b website agency understand marketing communication?
  2. Do they have expertise in a good tech platform like webflow for the web development?
  3. Do they have good research skills to come up with a great website strategy?
  4. Do they have past examples of b2b web development and testimonials from other b2b brands which support their expertise in b2b web development?
  5. Do they have a good team who can handle copywriting, research, design, development and required motion graphics?

We can learn so much about a company from its website. Websites are now crucial for any scale of b2b business.

We’ve all heard that buying something which isn’t going to make you any money, is a liability, and investing in liabilities should be the least of your priorities.

But your website is an investment!

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