How b2b video testimonials add value to a b2b website?

Why do video testimonials make great marketing tools? Video testimonials build trust. Video has a higher retention rate. Video is preferred. Videos get shared. Video testimonials convert.

Updated on
January 10, 2024

Testimonial Video on B2B Website Homepage

MoEngage's website is a great example of how a b2b brand can use testimonial video as the primary action point on the hero section.

The video is helping them to tell the use cases, benefits, features in a customer's own voice. This adds immense value because video testimonials are always trustworthy, they are more engaging and its like word of mouth marketing at scale. Since they are combining many testimonials into one video, you get to see who are all moengage's previous clients and what all they could achieve. Since they are all well known brands, also from various industries, any website visitor would be able to connect with one or more use cases and brands. You are already sold on the product benefits with proof.

Testimonial Video on a B2b Webflow Agency's Website Home Page

If you look at Everything Flow's website you can see the use of video testimonials throughout the home page. On the hero section itself there are two and when you scroll down there are more. The agency is not shying away from telling the world how good they are in terms of the webflow development and customer testimonials are vouching for the same. Video testimonials are the new word of mouth.

UiPath's strategy to use video testimonials on the website

UiPath have definitely put a lot of effort into getting these videos done from many of their clients, build a story and add them to the website.

ZIP is a b2b brand which is leveraging testimonial videos on their website

B2B Video Testimonial Example #5: VMO, Wall of Love

The whole point of a video testimonial is to create trust, and authenticity will do that more than any script.

Why do video testimonials make great marketing tools?

Video testimonials are the new proof based marketing tool. Social Proof in Marketing builds Trust and Customer Loyalty.

  • Video testimonials build trust
  • Video has a higher retention rate
  • Video is preferred
  • Videos get shared
  • Video testimonials convert

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