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Updated on
June 19, 2024

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Testimonial Summary: Geist for Everything Design

Geist expressed high satisfaction with the process-oriented approach of the design team, appreciating their expertise with Webflow, which allowed for easy content updates. They valued the collaborative relationship, which involved mutual understanding and clear communication of expectations and progress.

Key points highlighted by Geist include:

1. Competency and Relationship: The design team brought in-depth knowledge of Webflow, enhancing Geist's initial understanding. The team effectively managed different roles, facilitating a smooth workflow.

2. Seamless Integration: The team's ability to translate Geist's Figma designs into Webflow without compromising on design integrity was praised.

3. Process and Communication: Regular weekly summary emails helped keep the Geist team updated and aligned. The design team’s clarity in areas outside their expertise, like MailChimp, was appreciated.

4. Problem Solving: Transitioning from an outdated WordPress site to a responsive Webflow site helped Geist provide accurate location information for their beer availability, solving a significant issue.

5. Positive Feedback: The new website was well-received by various age groups, showcasing the seamless extension of Geist's brand.

6. Efficiency and Timeliness: Despite initial hesitations about deadlines and budgets, the project was completed successfully due to the coordinated efforts of both teams.

7. Professional Documentation: The scope document was well-written, clear, and conveyed the team’s ambition, instilling confidence in Geist.

Overall, Geist found the collaboration refreshing and effective, exceeding their expectations and successfully meeting their needs. They expressed a desire for continued partnership for future projects.

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