Examples of bad b2b website copywriting

Effective web copywriting involves understanding the brand, product or service, the unique dynamics of online content, including how readers interact with it and how it is found via search engines.

Updated on
March 28, 2024

Copywriting is a craft. You need compelling written B2B copy on your website to get your audience and to keep them there. Your copy can make or break engagement and conversions on your website. Simply put, top-notch B2B copywriting is essential to every aspect of your marketing. Let us explore few bad example of how a b2b website should not write copy on their website.

Customer.io's website copywriting for hero section

The main heading of this website cannot be more wrong. Say more, more powerfully? If you start reading the body copy, still you won't understand what they do.

Fueled by first-party data, create personalized journeys across all channels with our customer engagement platform.

Even if you scroll down it does not say who this platform or solutions are for. If you look into the visual language of this website, its actually done really well. Good ty

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