GoConsensus: Simple + Customer-centric Messaging

Consensus is an Intelligent Demo Automation Platform used by the world's top companies to scale presales, amplify their sales teams, and enhance the buying experience.

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July 14, 2024
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Messaging & Headlines
Visual Design
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Website Messaging

"Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple." - Sir Richard Branson

The primary aim of the communication design is to ensure that everyone involved reaches a shared understanding of what has been communicated, the same goes for website messaging also. In order to help do that, we need to communicate in a way that is simple and easy for others to understand.

Messaging and Headlines

Consensus has cracked their messaging, i.e, ‘Scalability with Analysis for Everything PreSales’ and have successfully deployed it across their website copy, The headlines are strong, powerful in some places and are easily understandable even for a non-technical user. The jargons are kept to a minimum and are used only in sections that can’t do without it.

Content Framework

The content logic is sound. Consensus first establishes what exactly what they do, how they do it and for whom right in the first fold. They go on to break down their process into three clear steps addressing what their customers can expect. Their credibility is established with a dedicated section showcasing certificates, awards, recognitions and strong testimonials.

Conversion Copy

In some places, Consensus has managed to match the CTA with corresponding content, making a stronger case for why a user should engage with said CTA.

When things are simple, they are easier to learn and remember.

Visual Design


The illustration, even though used sparingly throughout the homepage, is quirky, easy to understand and aids the copy. It also adds a touch element to an otherwise standard looking page.


Though the strong messaging takes centre stage with Consensus, the website could have benefited from some kind of a ‘wow’ factor. The graphics used overall does the intended job of communicating the content, but the website can definitely benefit from small movement, in the form of micro-interactions which boosts user engagement and retention.




In the fourth fold, Consensus has done an interesting job of adding in a tool that that allows their prospective clients to calculate how much money they waste on unqualified demos, making a strong case for why they should onboard Consensus into their business.



Overall, Consensus does a commendable job of speaking to their customers and making a strong case for why they should choose it. The headlines are strong and the following body copy justifies the heading while always addressing the customer.