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Updated on
December 21, 2023

Arka Venture Labs

Arka VC website is designed and developed by Bangalore based web design agency, Everything Design.

The design of the Hustle Fund webflow website is notable for its vibrant and playful approach. It stands out with its use of bold colors and informal, friendly text, creating a welcoming and engaging experience. This style reflects the firm's approachable and innovative ethos, differentiating it from more traditional venture capital websites. The website is user-friendly, with clear navigation to important sections like their portfolio, resources, and team information. Overall, the design effectively conveys Hustle Fund's identity as a modern and dynamic venture capital firm.

The design of the Jungle Ventures webflow website is focused on showcasing their role as a venture capital firm investing in early to growth-stage companies in India and Southeast Asia. The site emphasizes long-term partnerships with founders, detailing their investment approach in various sectors like Consumer, B2B, and Software tech. It also highlights their successful investments and support for building global businesses. The overall design is professional and informative, tailored towards potential partners and startups looking for investment opportunities. Case study of this project.

The design of the Unusual Ventures webflow website emphasizes their role as an investment firm that supports software startups from pre-seed to Series A stages. The website showcases their portfolio, team, and investment philosophy, highlighting their engagement model and resources for founders. It also features success stories of their partnerships with founders and outlines the services they offer to startups, including tactical content, a live academy, and hands-on expert operators in various business areas. The overall design is sleek and professional, reflecting their focus on partnering with technical founders to build world-changing technology companies.

The design of the Amplify Partners website developed in webflow focuses on showcasing their investment in technical founders and their products. The site highlights areas such as Developer Tools & Computing Infrastructure, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics, and Cybersecurity. It features profiles of various founders they've invested in, along with descriptions of their ventures. The website is structured to provide clear information about their investment focus, approach, and portfolio, appealing to technical founders and stakeholders in the tech industry. The overall design is clean and professional, emphasizing Amplify's role in supporting innovative technical projects.

The webflow website of DSG Consumer Partners (DSGCP) features a sleek and professional design, aligning with its identity as a venture capital firm. The color scheme is sophisticated and understated, creating an atmosphere of professionalism and trust. The layout is clean and minimalistic, allowing for easy navigation and quick access to essential information about their investment philosophy, portfolio, and team. The use of high-quality images and a balanced mix of content and whitespace ensures the site is engaging without being overwhelming. This design effectively communicates DSGCP's brand values of clarity, focus, and expertise in the venture capital sector.'s made in webflow website design exudes a sense of professionalism and clarity, in line with its focus on providing value-based growth for SaaS startups. The site showcases a clean and modern aesthetic with a minimalist approach, using a muted color palette that conveys sophistication and calm. Navigation is streamlined and intuitive, making it easy for visitors to explore information about their programs, philosophy, and success stories. The layout is structured to facilitate easy reading and comprehension, with strategic use of whitespace enhancing the overall user experience. Graphics are used sparingly but effectively to underscore key points without overwhelming the content. This design approach reflects Upekkha's ethos of simplicity, focus, and effective growth strategies, appealing to startups and entrepreneurs seeking strategic guidance.

Evaluation of Recur Club's Website Design and User Experience

1. Clarity of Communication:Recur Club's website effectively communicates its value proposition as a platform offering non-dilutive financing options for businesses. The messaging is clear and tailored to their target audience, primarily founders and companies looking for flexible financing without equity dilution. The homepage and key pages articulate the benefits of their services, like instant cash in bank, access to institutional capital providers, and an ecosystem of additional benefits​​​​.

2. User Engagement:The website employs a user-friendly design with engaging visuals and interactive content. The use of images, concise text, and clear calls-to-action (CTAs) such as "Raise Funds" and "Book a Demo" effectively guide users through the site, enhancing engagement and understanding of their offerings​​. The inclusion of client testimonials and case studies adds credibility and fosters trust.

3. Persuasiveness:The persuasive elements of the website are evident in its presentation of success stories and statistics that underscore the efficacy of their services. The user testimonials and the emphasis on the ease and speed of obtaining financing are particularly convincing. This approach is likely to appeal to startups and companies in need of quick, hassle-free funding​​.

4. Usability:The website is easy to navigate, with a well-structured layout that allows users to quickly find information about products, resources, and the company itself. The navigation menu is intuitive, and the addition of a FAQ section offers quick answers to common queries, enhancing the overall user experience​​.

5. Visual Design:The visual design adheres to modern design principles with a clean, professional look. The use of brand colors, high-quality images, and a consistent typography scheme contributes to a cohesive and appealing aesthetic. The design supports the site's messaging and helps in maintaining user attention.

6. Conversion Rate:The website is designed with conversion optimization in mind. The prominent display of CTAs, the streamlined process for signing up or requesting demos, and the clear presentation of the value proposition all contribute to a higher likelihood of conversion. The use of client success stories and the direct invitation to start the funding process are effective strategies in encouraging users to take action. Website Design and Information Architecture Audit

Clarity of Communication

The website effectively communicates its value proposition, focusing on short-term business loans. Key functionalities such as loan types (Receivables Advance, Inventory Financing, Growth Financing, Cash Reserve) are clearly presented, making the site's offerings immediately understandable.

User Engagement

Engagement is fostered through straightforward, accessible content. Interactive elements like the loan application process are streamlined, encouraging user participation. Trust elements like GDPR compliance and Trustpilot ratings enhance credibility.

Persuasiveness presents its services convincingly by highlighting the ease and speed of obtaining loans. Testimonials from various business sectors (marketing, e-commerce, IT, consulting) showcase the practical benefits, enhancing persuasiveness.


Navigation is intuitive with a clear structure: product offerings, company information, resources, and legal details are easily accessible. The site supports multiple languages, increasing its accessibility.

Visual Design

The homepage follows visual design principles with a clean, professional layout. Key information is presented through engaging visuals and concise text, facilitating a positive user experience.

Conversion Rate

The site's design and content are likely to encourage conversions. The straightforward application process, clear call-to-actions like "Apply Now," and visible success stories contribute to a high conversion potential.

In summary, exhibits strong design and information architecture, effectively communicating its services, engaging users, and likely driving conversions through a user-friendly and persuasive online presence.

The website of Hustle Fund ( presents a vibrant and engaging interface. It prominently features calls-to-action (CTAs) like "Pitch Us!" and "Get Your Ticket!", enhancing user engagement. The site's design is lively, with bold colors and playful elements reflecting its brand personality. Information is organized into sections like "Founders", "Resources", and "About Us", facilitating easy navigation. The messaging is clear and concise, effectively communicating the fund's value proposition and services. Interactive elements and informative content are well-balanced, contributing to a persuasive and user-friendly experience. Overall, the website seems designed to appeal to its target audience of startups and investors, with a focus on clarity, engagement, and usability.

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