Hackuity.io - Clear Messaging, Augmented By Visual Design

A relatively young organization, Hackuity brings clarity, crispness in messaging augmented by visual design that is minimal.

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July 14, 2024
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Messaging & Headlines
Visual Design
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Website Messaging

Messaging & Headlines

  • Clear, crisp headline with the core outcome that Hackuity can bring to an enterprise. There is no compromise on using a jargon, however it isn't alienating.
  • Clever copywriting with contrasting words is attention grabbing and memorable.
  • The subheading details the components that make the outcome in the headline possible. What the prospective client gets out of this is also laid out.
  • The strategy behind the messaging is to highlight key words creating textual hierarchy. Usage of words like vulnerabilities, built, chaos, enables etc are the key takeaways.
  • Powerful data points break the flow to bring in impact. 
  • Call to action buttons are sparse but placed at critical junctures to be able draw the eye to them.
  • Addressing the user in first person, with active verbs to create a sense of action.

Content Framework

  • The overall framework of the content is based on the principles of storytelling, which engages the user beyond just information and keeps them hooked to scroll through.
  • A brief explainer breaks down the current scenario setting a context to understand why the prospect needs Hackuity.
  • Use cases are explained in simple language with pain points highlighted followed by a solution, hence creating a scenario based approach.
  • The website copy uses a step-by-step approach to cluster information in a more palatable form.
  • The copy uses the framework of - Identifying problems followed by solutions, bringing in an aha moment, followed by a CTA. 
  • There is a search functionality included in places of excessive data for the ease of use.

Conversion copy

  • This website showcases clear value proposition stated in clear and simple language.
  • The viewer is informed with direct benefits, with copy that gets straight to the point. The singularity of messaging, makes sure that the user is not distracted.
  • Creating aspirational headers, in order to sell the idea harder and create FOMO.
  • Emphasising on the need for relief, after stating the pain point, followed by the CTA.
  • There is a conscious choice to have an action-result oriented copywriting style, where the action that gets the result condensed in each sentence.
Benefits and Features are tagged as just that without an additional heading for the sections.
A step by step deployment model in every Use Case page.

A true example of Content Before Design where the messaging captures attention and the design enables and enhances the process.

Visual Design

Brand Language

  • A minimalist brand language with fundamental geometric shapes, the look and feel of the website switches between white and deep purple for contrast.
  • The majority of the visual design is dominated by typography. Retention of attention on the messaging with color highlights on text helps with memorable takeaways.
  • Overall the design is minimal, simplified, with white spaces, importance drawn with the help of color, geometric shapes and typography.


  • Although there are no illustrations, the infographics are flat and geometric with color hierarchy to draw attention.
  • The complex subject matter has been simplified for an easy to grasp concept.


  • The entirety of the website has interactions on scroll, not requiring the user to perform actions to trigger one.
  • The storytelling aspect of the page comes alive with the on scroll interactions and makes it easier for transitioning from one section to the next.
  • Hover state of cards, CTAs are interesting and provide a strong contrast.
Using clarity as a core concept to drive the verbal and visual communication, Hackuity website has a cohesive story.


Loading Speed

  • The page loads in good speed, maintaining it throughout the page.
  • The on-scroll interactions and transitions of the sections are smooth and glitch-free.


  • A seamless responsive website, adapts all the components into the mobile version.
  • The on-scroll interactive design makes it easy for the mobile adapt without compromising on the sections.
  • The interactions and animations in the sections, individually, function in both regards - desktop and mobile. Therefore, the transition is seamless and cohesive.
With a mere orientation change, the design adapts to mobile sizes.
Two column grid with left alignment to break down the content, making it easy to process.



  • The layout is simple and has extendability on all pages, not just the homepage.
  • This has resulted in a cohesive transition from one page to the other, without the feeling of dropping elements or cutting back on the design.
  • The layout is not a traditional center aligned or alternating between left and right. Since the typography is the hero element throughout the website, the anchor for changing the section's placements is this.
  • A large statistic number anchors the section in a diagonal fashion without breaking the master grid.
The header anchors the section while the numbers break the monotony, still constrained in a master grid.


Website Flow

  • The flow of the website and its structure borrows from the PLG strategy, where after the hero section, the context follows to bring clarity of why this product/ platform is essential and how it achieves the results.
  • Simplified explainers help the prospects of various roles understand deeply, the offering and also help in envisioning their org/ enterprise using it.
  • Followed by the capabilities of the company in terms of the connectors, partnerships.
  • With a bold headline, the section dives into the stats that measure their success rate in automations, savings, vulnerability management.

Clear CTA

  • Contrary to previously popular beliefs where the prospect was bombarded with CTAs repetitively at every possible chance, there has been a radical shift.
  • With a simpler logic of setting context, providing social proof, showcasing value propositions then putting out CTAs for contact or Demo.
  • CTAs that lead to Learn More about the stats, partnerships still appear however the ones associated with the primary goals of the website are seen only after some foundational information is provided.
  • This practice is employed here with a Book Demo on the hero section only repeating in the footer.
CTA with primary goal only appears twice on the page.


  • The well thought out content structure of the website establishes trust and credibility.
  • The simple explanations with the strong, bold copywriting style lends to the clarity that Hackuity knows what they are talking about.
  • Since there is no overuse of design elements on the page, the user’s attention is retained on the content and the communication.


  • A ‘Need Help?’ option on the menu bar houses the FAQs and the contact pages.
  • Very specific questions are mentioned here with a follow up of contact button. 


Hackuity's has crafted a robust website that crosses off the important aspects without compromising on the good to have ones. This website is a true example of content before design and the interconnected relationship between the two. The amount of clarity that there is in the communication is reflected by means of the visual design. A young organization that has brought itself as a cutting edge benchmark in the landscape of B2B website design.