How To Collect And Design Testimonials? [Tips + Tools for 2024]

Updated on
December 22, 2023

In the realm of business, the power of client testimonials cannot be overstated. They are not just mere quotes that pat you on the back for a job well done; they are a vital tool that can sway potential clients in your favor. To truly harness the potential of testimonials, it’s essential to focus on the results and the impact your service has made, rather than just the working experience.

Creating Powerful Client Testimonials: A Guide to Making an Impact

Let’s consider the usual testimonials that read along the lines of “The team was wonderful to work with and delivered on time and within budget.” While this speaks to your reliability and professionalism, it's the equivalent of just scratching the surface of your potential.

To drive the point home, you should aim for testimonials that showcase the measurable outcomes of your work. For instance, illustrating how your services helped a client grow their mailing list to 500 subscribers, or launch a program that attracted over 150 participants, speaks volumes. A statement that highlights a staggering 200% increase in search traffic and ROI paints a clear picture of effectiveness.

The inclusion of numbers and statistics speaks a language that resonates with logic and reason. They provide concrete proof of success, making them a robust friend in your marketing arsenal. But what if you’re in a field where numerical results aren't as forthcoming?

In such cases, focus on the qualitative impact of your service. A testimonial that says “The service provided relieved my stress and made things significantly easier, allowing me to focus on growing my business” targets the emotional aspect and practical benefits. It tells potential clients that your service isn’t just a purchase, but an investment in peace of mind and future growth.

In essence, the art of crafting compelling testimonials lies in telling a story — a narrative where clients come to you with a need or a problem, and your service provides a transformative solution. Use testimonials to build a vivid image of the journey with your business, letting each one echo the success that awaits new clients.

Remember, testimonials are more than mere words; they are proof of your promise, the testament of your ability to deliver results, and most importantly, they are the bridge that connects potential clients to the trust they seek before making that crucial decision to engage with your services. Make each testimonial count by focusing on the impact and the difference you make in your clients' professional lives.

Clients announcing testimonials on social media

This is another trend we can see happening in 2023-2034, clients are encouraged to announce the experience directly on social media.

The Power of Peer Recommendations in the Digital Buying Journey

The Power of Peer Recommendations in the Digital Buying Journey

In today’s digital marketplace, consumers and businesses alike often turn to social media platforms like LinkedIn to guide their buying decisions. A recent example, captured in a social media post, highlights the influential power of testimonials and peer recommendations in the B2B space, particularly when it comes to selecting software solutions like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

The post in question showcases a first-hand account of a company's journey through the maze of CRM options. The narrative is candid, outlining the reasons for dismissing various popular CRMs due to cost, functionality, and usability issues. This kind of transparent and authentic sharing of experiences is exactly what makes LinkedIn testimonials a potent force in the buying journey.

Here's why testimonials on LinkedIn can be so impactful:

Credibility through Real-World Use Cases: LinkedIn is a professional network that thrives on the credibility of its users. When individuals share their experiences with specific tools or services, they’re often regarded as reliable sources because they have no direct incentive to promote the product.

Peer-to-Peer Trust: Professionals tend to trust their peers more than advertisements. A testimonial from a fellow professional is relatable and grounded in practical use, rather than theoretical benefits. When someone reads about a peer's success with a particular CRM, it often carries more weight than a sales pitch.

Detail-Oriented Insights: The best testimonials on LinkedIn delve into specifics, like how much money was saved, the percentage of efficiency gained, or the measurable growth experienced. These details paint a clear picture of the potential ROI, which is a significant driver in the decision-making process.

Visibility and Reach: LinkedIn's algorithm often favors content engagement, meaning a well-received testimonial can quickly gain traction and be seen by a large network of professionals. This extended reach amplifies the influence of a single testimonial.

Community Validation: Comments and likes on a testimonial post serve as a form of community validation. A high level of engagement can indicate the general consensus about a product’s effectiveness, which can sway potential buyers who respect the opinions of the community.

Reduced Decision Paralysis: Choosing a CRM can be overwhelming due to the abundance of options. A testimonial can cut through the noise and provide a clear direction, reducing the analysis paralysis that many decision-makers face.

Affirmation of Choice: For those already considering a particular product, a positive testimonial can affirm their choice, nudging them from consideration to purchase. It acts as the final piece of evidence needed to confirm that they are making a wise investment.

In essence, testimonials on LinkedIn tap into the collective expertise of professionals, offering a treasure trove of insights that are both trustworthy and relevant. For businesses, these narratives are not just stories but signposts that guide them through their own purchasing journeys, helping them navigate choices with the reassurance of peer approval.

Tools to collect Testimonials

With you can collect twice as many video and text testimonials.

Testimonial is built for video testimonials only and it seems to do them fairly well.

VideoAsk helps by asking for video testimonials and fits smoothly into your customer journey.

VideoPeel's technology makes it easy for someone to follow your instructions, create a video with their smartphone, and submit it to you.

Boast integrates with your existing tools to request testimonials at the right time, with the right message, through the right medium.

Trust is a powerful video testimonial software that can help businesses of all sizes capture and showcase the voice of their customers.

Storyprompt is one of the best video testimonial software tool that allows businesses to collect and showcase customer feedback easily.

Vidmonial is a popular video testimonial tool that enables businesses to easily capture and share customer feedback in the form of professional video testimonials.

Testimonial Hero is a video testimonial software designed to help businesses capture and showcase video responses to customer feedback in an engaging and effective way.

With its advanced features and capabilities, Vocal Video makes it a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to collect and showcase authentic customer reviews and testimonials.

Trustmary is a reliable and top video testimonial software that helps businesses improve their online reputation, build credibility, and boost sales.

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