Performance marketing won't build your brand

The Misconception of Ads Building Your Brand + Targeting the Wrong Audience

Updated on
July 7, 2024

The primary misconception is that simply showing ads will build your brand. This is not the case if your ads are reaching the wrong audience. It's easy to drive traffic through Google ads and mistake that for effective marketing. However, if the ads are irrelevant to the audience, it's a waste of resources. For example, advertising private helicopter hire to someone who hates flying is pointless. Similarly, spending money to attract consumer traffic for a B2B proposition is ineffective.

Underlying Reasons for Ineffective Advertising Approaches

1. **Inability to Identify the Right Audience in Market**

  For most businesses, it is challenging to pinpoint when the right audience is actively in the market for their product or service. This lack of precise timing leads to ads being shown to people who are not currently interested, diminishing the impact of the advertising efforts.

2. **Broad Customer Profiles**

  Many businesses have a broad ideal customer profile but lack the precision needed to target effectively. Without a well-defined and narrow target audience, ads are likely to reach people who may not be interested or ready to engage with the brand, leading to wasted ad spend and minimal returns.

3. **Misunderstanding Google Ads**

A significant number of businesses do not fully understand how Google ads work. This lack of understanding can result in poorly targeted campaigns, inefficient bidding strategies, and overall ineffective use of the advertising platform. To maximize the effectiveness of Google ads, businesses need to invest time in learning the intricacies of the platform or seek expertise to manage their campaigns.


In summary, while showing ads can be a component of building your brand, doing so without precise targeting is counterproductive. Businesses need to overcome the challenges of identifying the right audience, narrowing down their customer profiles, and understanding the mechanics of advertising platforms like Google ads to ensure their marketing efforts are effective and yield positive results, want to build your brand, do brand marketing.

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